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I have realized that I send most of my time by myself. Why? I have no idea. I text my friends like crazy but most of the time I am by myself in my room watching porn or watch Boy Meets World or a movie.

I have also realized that I am letting my ex get in the way even after 4 years. I have let him control the way I do things. Little story coming, my ex had cheated on me. He never completely admitted it to me, but what he did admit to was thinking about cheating on me because I had gained wait in our relationship. How shallow right? At the end of the day I am also shallow. I will have sex with pretty much any guy, but I only want to be in relationships with are guys who are fit and muscular. So in reality I am just as shallow.

I don’t know if this is a profound thought or not, but it is definitely some self realizations going on.

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My First Rave

I went to my first rave yesterday. I was there from 4-11:30. 

All I have to say is that AMAZING! 

I feel like everyone should experience a rave festival at some point in their life.

The music, the carefree attitudes, the judgement free zone, the atmosphere of pure bliss that it gave me was amazing! I can’t express how much fun I had. 

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting! I was expecting people snorting cocaine and drunk and high off their asses, but it was nothing like that! Sure, there were people there that were floored and drunk, but mostly it was just a huge group of people dancing and having a really good time while enjoying everyone else’s company. A truly amazing experience.

Side note: I got a free candy yesterday when I was there! I was so excited and still am!!! :)  

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She was so amazing!!!!! #dadaland2014


I leave #dadaland a new man!!!!! Such an amazing experience!!!!!!


Sorry for the shakeyness at the end… I started to dance and forgot I was filming haha! XD #dadaland2014